According to Wikipedia, A knowledge base (KB) is a technology used to store complex structured and unstructured information used by a computer system.

Our Knowledgebase creation service involves creating Personal Websites for Scholar where all past and present publications are made accessible and downloadable from one location online. Some of the features of the service involves:

  1. Digitization of Journal Articles, Book Chapters, Conference Papers and other items that are proprietary to the scholar: In this service we will obtain the physical copies and scan them. We don’t type so we don’t introduce new errors to the publication. For the publications that are online already, we’ll download and populate the scholar’s knowledgebase.
  2. Creating/Updating the Scholar’s Google Scholar and Researchgate profiles with the publications that are digitized: Publications in hard copies cannot be picked up be Researchgate’s algorithm or Google Scholar’s crawler. Therefore, after every digitization process we will manually update the scholar’s Researchgate and Google Scholar profile.
  3. Create a virtual Resume outlining the scholar’s Academic Background, Experiences, Courses Taught, Responsibilities, Research done etc.

Some Scholars have already taken advantage of this service. You can use the search feature below to find them. Click on the Website Link to preview their personal knowledgebase. 

N/B: Knowledge base creation service requires domain name registration and Hosting which are renewable. Therefore, it is a service that will require a yearly renewal.

We do give huge discounts exclusively for scholars who can renew more than a year in order to ease the burden. 


TitleFirst NameLast NameDepartmentInstitutionWebsite
Prof. Inyang Udofot English Akwa Ibom State University Link
Dr. Uwem Jonah Akpan History & International Studies University of Uyo Link
Dr Ebere Okorie Sociology and Anthropology University of Uyo Link
Professor Des Wilson Communication Arts Obong University Link
Dr Thomas Harry Geology Akwa Ibom State University Link
Dr.. Margaret Ilomuanya Pharmacy University of Lagos Link
Dr. Etim Frank Political Science and Public Administration University of Uyo Link
Prof Mbeh Eteng Chemistry University of Calabar Link
Prof David Eka English University of Uyo Link
Prof Kingsley Akpabio Botany and Ecological Studies University of Uyo Link