Our vision is to showcase the wealth of Scholars in Africa. We make their Journal Articles, Conference Proceeding, Book Chapters, Technical Reports etc. easily accessible for research purposes of upcoming Scholars in any part of the World.

Africa is blessed with lot of scholars that have done novel research, published them in local Journals and only have them preserved in their bookshelves, yet there are scholars around the world in need of that knowledge but cannot get it. Since 2016 that this project began, we have heard the demise of several scholars. These are scholars that have publications to their credit. Those are publications that will be accessed by only people that have direct access to the scholar’s personal library. It’s a big problem, when researchers have to think afresh, seek for fresh inspiration and ideas over a concept or field that someone in Africa researched on and had a breakthrough in but only have it in hard copy where no one else can access.

Our aim is create an online platform where access to those publications will no more be limited. The project is a model of excellence because it will boost the African  economy through the availability and accessibility of knowledge.