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A DOI is an acronym for “digital object identifier”. DOIs are a type of Persistent Identifiers (PID) that uniquely identifies digital reserch content. They are intended to be a permanent way of identifying and accessing a particular resource.

AFRIScholar partners with DataCite to provide DOI to digital resources.

DataCite is a leading global, non-profit organization that provides persistent identifiers (specially DOIs) for research data and other research output. Using DOI from DataCite comes a lot of features. Some of such features includes:
1. DataCite DOI makes research data and other output discoverable and citable
2. Datacite Search is used by Google Dataset Search to index all research data with a DaCite DOI. This means if a DataCite DOI is register for a research data, it will automatically appear in Google Dataset Search, thereby reaching a wider audience.
3. DataCite metadata are also harvested by organizations such are OpenAIRE and Clarivate’s Data Citation index.
4. DataCite used highly interoperable metadata schema called DataCite Metadata Schema 4.4 to promote the visibility of your outputs.
5. DataCite comes with access to metrics and reserch output impact. Some metrics that can be checked includes:
– Works impact
– Institution’s impact
– Number of Citations
– Number of Views
– Number of downloads

The pricing for Our DOI services are in the following Categories
1. Category A (Premium)
This is the category for Journals with high frequency of publications e.g Weekly or Monthly. It is also a category for Journals will a large archive. This category attracts a Membership fee of $200 a year and $1 per DOI(for current volumes and past 2years volumes) and $0.5 for archived volumes (i.e volumes older than 3years).

2. Category B (Platinum)
This is the category for Journals with fewer frequency of publications. e.g Quarterly or Biannually. This category attracts a one-time membership fee of $250 and $2 per DOI.

3. Category C (Gold)
This is the category for a group of Journals who can come together to form a modular consortium probably within a Faculty or Department. This group can be between 2 Journals and 5 Journals. This category attracts a one-time membership fee of $300 and $2 per DOI for all the members of the consortium. For Associations and Institutions who are still interested in Category C but have more than 5 Journals to pull together,  it will attract a yearly membership fee of $300 and $2 per DOI.

4. Category D (Silver)
This category for Journals who publish very few articles in a year. Not more than 5 articles in a volume. Such Journals can pay $2.5 per DOI. No membership fee will be necessary.

5. Category E (Bronze)
This is the category for Individual Scholars.
For scholars that desire to have more citations and increase the possibly on Indexing on Google Scholar and Scopus, acquiring DOI publication is the way to go. In this category Individual Scholars can pay $1.5 per DOI for a current publication(in the same year) and $0.5 for a past publication. Scholars can publish DOI for:
– Journal Articles
– Book Chapters
– Conference Papers
– Conference Proceedings
– Thesis/Dissertations
– Technical Reports
– Books,
– Model
– Pre-print
– Software
– Any other published materials

Therefore even if the publications was digitized, a DOI can be purchased for it.

6. Category F (VIP)
This is the category for Publishers of Books and Journals. Getting an ISBN for a published content is good but adding a DOI to the content explodes the visibility and reach of that content. ISBNs are used to identify each unique publication whether in the form of a physical book or related materials such as eBooks, software, mixed media etc. while The DOI® System offers a persistent actionable identifier for use on digital networks. In this category. Publishing bodies will pay a yearly membership fee of $500, and $1 per DOI

7. Category F (Platinum VIP)
This is the category for a Tertiary Institution. In this Category, a given institution can purchase a membership plan for all the Journals and published materials that will emanate from her Scholars, Departments and Faculties presently and in future. 
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